Camry Mobil Hybrid Terbaik Indonesia - #Ops11

Camry Mobil Hybrid Terbaik Indonesia - #Ops11

Camry Mobil Hybrid Terbaik Indonesia - #Ops11

The realization of the value of the Toyota Way that continues improvement and respect for the people pushing Toyota has always been to innovate for a better way to bring about harmony between the products, people, and nature. One of the innovations that do is keep continuity with the natural needs of mobility. The issue of energy and global warming became the background for Toyota to do a study of various alternative energy sources driving. Camry Mobil Hybrid Terbaik Indonesia / Toyota Hybrid technology as choosing the right solution today's global issues. 

Marketing Director of Toyota-Astra Motor Joko Trisanyoto revealed, "Currently the Toyota Hybrid technology is an option to address the issue of energy and global warming. Toyota Hybrid cars have been accepted globally, as evidenced by sales figures have touched 3.5 million units since 1997 Toyota Hybrid car was launched. ""Performance, as a key condition of the car, it may not be forgotten. Despite the focus on fuel efficiency and emissions are more environmentally friendly, but fun to drive remains a priority Camry Mobil Hybrid Terbaik Indonesia, "said Joko. 

The efficiency of high fuel consumption, Camry Mobil Hybrid Terbaik Indonesia environmentally friendly because low exhaust emissions, good composure, and outstanding performance and driving satisfaction is the purpose of the birth of the Toyota Hybrid System. Hybrid Toyota car production was started in 1997 in Japan with the launch of the first generation Prius Hybrid followed by the emergence of variants for different models of Toyota (Crown, Harrier, Alphard and others). Lexus followed applying the same technology with some models such as the RX, GS and LS. Until the end of 2011, sales of Toyota and Lexus Hybrid cars globally successfully reached more than 3.5 million units. Camry Mobil Hybrid Terbaik Indonesia In Indonesia alone, a Toyota Prius go on sale since 2009. 

Road characteristics and natural conditions with high rainfall became one of the concerns in the market of hybrid cars. Hybrid cars that use electric battery component remains safe to use both for the driver, passengers and the environment as well as conventional cars. "Toyota Hybrid System is safe, proven, and reliable pass road conditions with stagnant water as well as other conventional vehicles Toyota, because Camry Mobil Hybrid Terbaik Indonesia Toyota Hybrid vehicle is equipped with a safety system that is layered electric circuit breaker," said Joko Trisanyoto. 

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